Jeep transmission

Just got a 1996 Jeep cherokee with right hand drive, 73,000 miles. Drove it less than 2500 miles when had problems with it shifting out of first gear. Would rev up the rpms to 3500 to 4500 and then a large jolt before going into next gear. Took to transmission specialist who was able to get it to act up., Now he tells me that the transmission is an import??? (was manufactured here in states and sent to Japan) Can’t get the codes on the machine to tell him what is wrong with the tranny., says the codes say it is ok. Now what do I do. I need this car as I am a mail carrier and it was bought for that purpose.

Does This Jeep Have A 4.0L Engine And Aisin Warner (Correct Spelling) Transmission ?


The problem is probably with the communication protocol with the computer. The EPA mandates the communication protocols with computers for vehicles built in the states. If this vehicle was shipped to the states from Japan, the communication protocol for the computer isn’t any mandated by the EPA. So that’s probably why the scanner isn’t communicating with the computer.


This Could Be A Transmission Problem (Shift Solenoid[s]), Etcetera.
From What I’m Reading This May Not Be A Transmission Problem, But Rather An Engine TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Problem (Incorrect Fault Mature Time - TPS Voltage High) Or The PCM (Power-Train Control Module) Not Handling The TPS Communication Properly.

From a repair bulletin, " . . . the customer may experience issues such as late upshifts. "

Some Of The Vehicles With The Engine And Transmission Options Given In My Previous Post Need To Have The PCM Reprogrammed.

Tester, does this make any sense ?



We need answers to some very specific questions, please.

Is this Jeep a US spec vehicle?
Is it an ex US Post Office vehicle?
Are you in the US or Japan?

ok, this jeep was manufactured in the US, shipped to Japan, bought in Japan used and shipped back to US. I am in the US. Not an ex post office jeep. When it returned to the US, DOT registered with new US vehicle number. The transmission specialist mentioned something about a Warner transmission and it is a V6, I think it is a 4.o

talked to my son, he says it probably is not a V6 but a 4.0. Thanks for the info

Check with the transmission specialist and see if the (kick-down cable) is functioning properly. It used to be called the passing gear linkage in days of old. I’ve ran into this a couple of times before and if the cable is broken or disconnected the transmission will have a mind of it’s own.

@maggiemom thanks for the info.

But you still haven’t answered one of my questions.

Is your Jeep a US spec vehicle?

Consider this:

Plenty of US spec cars are made in Japan, Germany, Canada, etc.

So who’s to say that there aren’t cars built in the US that are NOT US SPEC, because they’re destined for a foreign market?