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Jeep transmission trouble

To whom it may concern,

I recently had some brake work done on my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee (139k miles), and they installed a new master cylinder. The following day, I was driving (very cold in Milwaukee these days) and noticed the car had difficulty getting into higher gears and the engine revved up but would not accelerate. I had to stop, put in reverse, and start driving again. Then, the engine light popped on (P1763 - Governor Pressure Sensor) and has remained on for three days. The car runs fine most of the time, but occassionally experience the loss of acceleration. What should I do?

Have you checked the transmission fluid level? Has the transmission been serviced? Unless the brakes are dragging I don’t see any correlation between brake work and the transmission slipping.

It has nothing to do with the brake work. The governor pressure sensors (transducers) on these transmissions are a very common failure. Take it to a trans shop and have them replace it.


Hmmmm. Actually brake work could have a lot to do with the transmission malfunction. The brake switch actually controls the shift lock solenoid. If you’re driving at highway speed and tap the brakes, you should see your RPMS drop about 500. It’s critical that whomever did the brake work bled the lines properly. If not, your pedal may hang, causing the button on the brake switch to be in it’s fully extended position. This may cause you brake lights to stay on.

You can narrow the trans problem to electrical or mechanical by disconnecting the harness to the Transmission Control Module (TCM). It’s about 3"x 4"x 1", and should be under the dash above your gas pedal (location varies on some models). Mine has a blue 26-pin connector. Then, go out and drive it like a manual transmission, shifting up and down through the gears at the appropriate time. Be sure not to start in D or you’ll burn up your trans. If it drives through all the gears (you’ll have 3 in manual mode) jusst fine, then you’re problem is electrical.

Finally, be sure to clear all the codes. Codes that remain in storage can also affect trans operation. Good luck!

Correction… RPMS should rise 500.

No, brake work has absolutely nothing to do with a governor pressure sensor failure. You are talking about the converter clutch engagement and disengagement. That is the ONLY part of the transmission affected by the brake pedal. As I said before, the governor pressure sensors/transducers are a very common failure on these transmissions. I replace many of them. Have a transmission shop confirm with a scanner. DO NOT disconnect the transmission control module and drive the vehicle as it wont tell you anything.