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Jeep track hawk

my kid got rid of his wrangler and got a GC. not this model though. 4yr lease is 977/mo. whewjeep

$977.00 lease ! I feel pain just thinking about that.

Wow, $46,000 to rent a car for four years, then start over again.

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Yeah, guys, but it has the 700+ horsepower supercharged hemi engine under the hood. Ya gotta pay to play. Motor Week drove one recently and thinks it is a wild and fun ride. The handling isn’t as good as a Cayenne, but they still liked it. Who wouldn’t?

So where exactly can you use this?
I’m not impressed. I feel sorry for the young man that got sucked into this horrible deal. He’s “making it rain” at the dealership and will end up with nothing at the end of the lease.

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The alternative to leasing this vehicle is buying it, which means you’re paying 90 grand for a vehicle built by Fiat. I honestly don’t know which is the most risky use of money - lease for a guaranteed $46,000 bath or buy for 90 grand and take the risk that the thing will fall apart 3 days after the warranty expires. :wink:

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Still, no problem if the guy can write a check for $90,000 but decides to lease instead. It wouldn’t be something I’d do. I remember the first new car I bought out of school and the banker wanted to double check that I could afford the $100 payments. Hee hee. Those were the days.

They’re both rotten deals.
This is a perfect example of someone leasing a vehicle they can’t afford to buy, always a bad idea. We had a young recruiter at the college before I retired that told me he wanted to buy a big 4X4 crew-cab pickup with a huge motor. He was working two jobs. I recommended against it, and explained why. He bought one anyway. A few months later it was for sale. He told me he had no idea how expensive it was really going to be.

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Congrats on your son’s new Grand Cherokee. There are so many great trims, really one for everyone interested in a vehicle that size and shape. I drove the Trackhawk on a racetrack last month. It was very exciting and the biggest surprise to me was the amazing transmission. Quicker in some situations than the Hellcat Challenger due to its AWD.

I have some friends who trade in their vehicles every other year. Every time they say “we’re going to keep this one, pay it off”, and then the dealer “makes them a deal” on new ones.

Last time they got a brand new Yukon Denali and a 2500 HD diesel 4WD truck. Both of them work from the house and rarely go anywhere.

Good luck, I say. Wow.

How do you know someone leased a Trackhawk? That is only a screen shot of the manufactures prices.

Bah! Give me $10k and frequent flyer points at the local “pick-a-part” and I can build something to beat it, at least once.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk just might be the answer to a question that should have never been asked.

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Good news! Carvel just showed us the Track Hawk info. His son got a different Grand Cherokee. He didn’t say whether it was a lease or purchase.

But it is a good thing that you guys are here to tell us what and what not to buy. It doesn’t bother me if someone wants a Track Hawk, Range Rover S, Cayenne S, or any other expensive and high power SUV. If they want it and can afford it, go ahead. It’s their money, after all.

Did you even bother to read the original post that the link was attached to?

Okay, so it may not have been the one Cavell linked us to… for whatever reason… but $977 for a four year lease? I stand by my statements.

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Seems like it would be fun to take for a spin, but me, I think I could find ways to spend an extra $977 each month that would be even more fun that a spin in a track hawk. .

Yes. My son also bought a new Grand Cherokee this year but not a Trackhawk and not a lease.

i did click on the link in the ad about the track hawk and it took me to a dodge page that said the lease was 309 w/3k down. huh? i read the fine print and it said base larado model w/4x2 drive. so i dug a little deeper and got the the proper track hawk info. if msrp is 86k that does not mean you will pay that much. maybe less? but than add dealer fees. and tax and license. you buy it and sell it in 1 yr and add up what you spent, than you can say what it really costs. which is a lot

Personally, being somewhat of a contrarian, my dream SUV is the Jaguar F-Pace.

If you want a Hawk, get a Golden for a hardtop or a Silver for a coupe.
If big bucks, then get the 58 Packhard Hawk.

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