2015 Honda CR-V - Seat stains

Honda cloth seats will satin, even from a drop of water, and stains will not come out. Professionally cleaned, Woolite upholstery cleaner - nothing removes the stains. Shouldn’t Honda be responsible for this screw-up?

Why? Is Honda spilling things in you vehicle?


After you demand that they reupholster the seats in your 6 year old car, please return to this thread to relay their reply.



This kind of reminds me of a BBB complaint I read recently. He complained about GM because they would not warranty a transmission replacement on a 20 year old pickup with a bit over 200k miles on it. According to him, GM “knowingly sold him a pickup with a bad transmission”.
Same premise; just on a bigger scale.

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Next time get the leather.


On one hand, yes, Honda installed crappy upholstery fabric and that’s on them but on the other, now that the vehicle is no longer under warranty they have no legal obligation to do anything about it.

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Seriously , where do you get that and how do you plan to back up thar statement .

I guess if I spill something on my cloth Fiesta seats and stain them it is Fords fault ?

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There’s one complaint about seat staining on 2015 CRVs on carcomplaints.com. Apparently not a common problem.

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Nope. You are for allowing people to spill stuff in your vehicle.

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I wouldn’t be blaming Honda.

Blame the guy that used harsh chemicals that removed the stain resistance from the cloth when they cleaned them.


I would expect the upholstery in a motor vehicle to offer a fair degree of stain resistance. But the OP says his stains very readily. If true, there’s an issue with the fabric. It’s not unknown for manufacturers to ship vehicles with defects or use lesser materials to reduce costs, especially in lower tier models or trims. Further, while the seats in my Corolla don’t compare to, say, a top-of-the-line Lexus, I don’t have a problem with stains, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to under normal circumstances. The upholstery in a CR-V should be of at least equal quality, don’t you think?

Treat the seats with Scotchgard. That should restore some of the stain resistance that has evidently been lost. Easy to get in spray cans.

the vehicle is 6 years old. any stain resistance chemicals the factory might have on the seats wore off from normal use. if op would of treated it once in a while with a product like scotchgard or used seat covers it would of protected the seats a lot better. or just dont eat or drink in the vehicle.

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I doubt Honda will offer any free help for this. Consumer Reports has some advice on how to remove stains that I’ve found pretty helpful. In a book they publish , titled How to clean practically anything.

I might try a different auto detailer. And no, just water didn’t cause this stain, I can’t imagine that. Once the stain is cleaned apply some scotch guard type material.

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