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Jeep Scramblers

I’m thinking about having a Jeep Scrambler rebuild from JeersRus in California. What engine would you Jeep experts opt for: the Potiac-built 4-cylinder 151 or the 258 cubic inch 6-cylinder. Also, would a fuel injection system, at the added expense, versus a rebuilt carburetor be the way to go? Thanks.

Go with the fuel injected I-6. The I-6 is a great engine for an off-road vehicle. Its designed to run at high angles and gives lots of low-end torque. Fuel injection gives you another 40 HP too.

If this is more of a restoration, I’d just stick with whatever engine was original. If you’re building it as a trail rig, there are much better engine options out there including the later 4.0 FI’d 6-cylinder fitjeep suggests. Putting an add-on fuel injection system on an originally carbed engine will yield somewhat better results than the carb, but if you’re mucking around with the engine anyways, an engine designed for fuel injection will be far better and probably cheaper in the long run.

Also, I’d guess a place called JeepsRus (jeers?) would probably have some good ideas of engine combination that work well with these.

Thanks for your input.

Are you kidding? That smooth I-6 is a torquey, tough mill. Lots and lots of guys use them for wheeling, they’re fantastic.