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Jeep Renegade 2005 trans Problems on 3rd gear

I recently replaced the gearbox on my 2005 Renegade CRD A - Diesel. It was replaced with a second-hand gearbox, the original gearbox from a car that was being sold by parts. We have installed the gearbox on my Jeep and all seems to be working ok, apart from the third gear that won’t engage smoothly. There is a bit of a jolt whenever we shift into gear 3 and we have tried to identify what could be causing the problem, with no luck. Any help on this is highly appreciated. Please help if you know what the issue might be and advise on what we would do to fix it.

Automatic transmission? You could try a fluid and filter change, cross your fingers, and see if that helps.

Note: I am not a mechanic.

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Yes it’s an automatic transmission. Thanks.

I’m not a mechanic either but it sounds like a faulty shift solenoid.

I’ll assume the battery was disconnected when this repair was done?

If so, it may take a while for the computer(s) to relearn their adaptive memory(s) before the transmission shifts normal.

Erasing the PCM’s adaptive memory may also affect the way the transmission shifts and feels. The transmission may not feel the same until the PCM or transmission control module relearns the shift adjustments. This may take 50 to 75 miles of driving.

Drive it for a while and see if the shifting smooths out.


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Thanks folks, I am taking into consideration all your feedback.

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