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Jeep rear light fuse blows when rear hatch is closed

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. The fuse for the left rear parking light blows as soon as the hatch is closed when the lights are on, or blows immediately if the hatch is closed and the lights are turned on. Seems rather odd and an ideal question for the car guys!

Leave hatch open! Or, inspect the wire bundle where it flex near the hatch opening. Some of the wires may be rubbed raw on each other, or on a sharp corner of metal.

trailer harness,anywhere.?

if not go with the short to ground therory above.

which it is a short to ground,just find it,play COLUMBO,lmao!

you know its in the rear of the vehicle,and knowing is HALF the battle,towards recovery.

there was a trailer harness, which was my first suspect, but the behavior is the same after removing the harness. I don’t find any obvious wire wear anywhere. Ugh.