Jeep question


I’m looking at a wrangler that is jeep trail rated…does that mean it has locking differential?


Not all “trail rated” Jeeps have locking differentials.


“Trail Rated” is a trademark that Jeep registered. Here’s what they mean:


The only Wrangler that comes standard with a locking diff is the Rubicon version. But, all Wranglers are pretty good off-road, even without a locking diff. The locker, thought, gets you into more difficult places, and works well with slippery slopes and mud. You can add aftermarket lockers at a later date if you decide you actually need one.


If you’re looking for off roading in a vehicle, you might be better off with a drive system that isn’t so poorly rated. There are a few that could be more reliable. Maybe some looking through the Auto Issue (April) of Consumer Reports would be worthwhile. I wouldn’t want to have to depend on a Jeep vehicle when I’m out on the trails. I really wouldn’t want a locking differential either unless I was planning on things that are too challenging for a Jeep of any variety…