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Is it worth it?

I own a 04 jeep wrangler I’ve never owed a 4x4 before, so my question. Should I invest in getting a limited slip or some type of posi locker for the rear end? I don’t intend to go off road with it. But is the cost worth the extra traction? Thank-You

Unless you plan lots of ski trips or live in a mountainous rural area above the snowline, IMHO it’s money wasted.

Why are you looking for additional traction? That Jeep should give you plenty for almost any condition. Unless you are going off road, there are few reasons for even getting 4WD.

NOTE: 4WD does not help keep you from sliding off the road, it just helps you get back on the road.

A limited slip, I feel is more of an off road investment, one that you say you’re not doing. Frankly, a Wrangler is an off road vehicle to begin with and you bought it for the look. Part time 4wd is really tough to deal with at highway speeds to begin with on slippery roads.
Off road advice quote…which I believe to be true.

“If a limited slip or locked rear axle was used, there is enough horsepower to spin both back wheels, especially on slippery surfaces. As soon as both wheels spin, there is no traction and the slightest deviation can cause the vehicle to loose control. This may not be a problem at very low vehicle speeds, but at higher speeds, the vehicle can spin dangerously.”

Limited lip or locking differential will cause problems and make the car slide off the road. The Jeep is too light for that. Off road is the only place for that on a Jeep.

What DO you intend to do with it, since it isn’t off road. Limited slip is also useful for towing.

Binky brought up a good thought. If you’re going to be slipping a good size boat in and out of the water off a boat ramp it may be worth investing in. Dragging a boat on a trailer out of the water on a slimy ramp…well, you get the picture.

He already has 4wd… He still has to live with it otherwise. Would recommend a limited slip for a 2 wd though for that reason.

Gosh, MB, I hope OP isn’t towing a big load with a Wrangler. It’s only rated up to 2000#.

How about a 2000 pound boat? Picture if you will dragging that on a trailer out of the water on a boat ramp with a Wrangler! Limited slip might be wise.

But the OP hasn’t told us what he’s doing. I suspect he’s already made his decision.