Replacement for my jeep

I love my 99’ Jeep Cherokee. Is there anything new out there that is as reliable and utilitarian as my Jeep? Thanks ahead of time.

May I suggest a newer Jeep?

I would suggest looking at a Nissan Xterra. Alternately a base model Grand Cherokee can be bought dirt cheap used.

Not sure what you are exactly looking for?

Why don’t you want another Jeep?

Almost anything on the market is more reliable than your Jeep Cherokee. If you are trading because the vehicle is 10 years old, there is a wide choice. If I needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle, I would lean to a Toyota Highlander, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, or Subaru Forester. All are extremely competent vehicles and very reliable.

Unlike Chrysler’s, the future of these companies is secure and parts and service will not be a problem in the future.

However, you need to drive these vehicles to determine which one meets your needs most.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have had good experience with my Jeep but a Rav4 looks pretty appealing for a replacement.

Do you off-road much? If so, you should reconsider the Rav4. A more appropriate Toyota would be the 4Runner. I the $20,000 or so class, you should look at the Liberty or Xterra. If you don’t off road much, look seriously at the Chevy Equinox.

What are you going to use a newer SUV for ? It’s hard to top a Jeep Cherokee for the money and off road. Your idea of reliability is within the context of the car you have. If you’re considering a RAV, you’re giving up off road performance.

Stop by the local bookstore, pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Preview, and read about all the alternatives in the comfort of your own home. Then enjoy the fun of test driving the options.

Almost anything on the market is more reliable than your Jeep Cherokee.

You can’t be serious. Simple solid axle front end that’s available and in use for about 7 model years without alteration? An AW4 automatic (same as TOYOTA uses) or an AX-15? Assuming it’s a Cherokee and not a “Grand” then it’s probably got a 4.0 …which will be found by archeologists from whatever civilization arises from out ruins.

I’d like to hear what you base this “unreliable” notion on. Some unicorn that you may have owned or knew some one who did?

Primitive does not necessarily translate into reliable. Friends, colleagues, students I have taught, all have a very low opinion of this vehicle.

Consumer Reports, for what it is worth, reports much worse than average cooling system, fuel system climate control, brakes, paint, power equipment, body hardware.

Agree the straight 6 engine is OK, since it’s been in productions since the 60s. My brother in law had a Jeep truck and although the mechanicals were OK, the rust and the little things falling of drove him bananas.

Chrysler just does not do well on the details. This vehicle won’t put you in the poorhouse, like some Eurpean imports, but the constant aggrivation of little thing screwing up does not make for pride of ownership.

For utilitarian I’d go with something like the Toyota 4Runner or Nissan Xterra.

In my immediate family there have been six Jeep Grand Cherokees including the '07 that my daughter bought last month. All except the “new” one have gone well in excess of 150K miles. The top one now has over 210K. All have had minimal high dollar repairs, the most being a fuel pump on one of them and a water pump on another. I certaily don’t consider that to be “high cost” ownership. I’d recommend another JGC to anyone, even my family. Oh wait a minute… I just did, last month.

I agree that the 4.0L I-6 is probably one of the most bullet proof engines ever built. I disagree with the statement that it has been built since the '60s. The drawing changes to that engine can be traced all the way back to Nash’s seven main bearing OHV I-6 of the '30s. I have one of its forebearers in a '50 Nash Ambassador. The biggest change since 1930 has been to fuel injection.