Jeep grand Cherokee LTD

Blower motor works but air comes very slow

Please Give The Model-Year Of The Jeep. Sometimes This Helps.


2000 jeep grand Cherokee ltd 4WD, It needs HVAC subassembly. The door which controls the flow is busted.

Try your local salvage yard…Either as a seller or as a buyer…:slight_smile:

You Have Made Several Statements.
Do You Have A Specific Question ?

I have access to some information that could help if I knew what you wanted. Describe how your HVAC is “busted”. Is it busted all the time or only while accelerating, etcetera ?


Caddyman, According To Jeep HVAC TSBs, It Looks Like The Salvage Yards Are The Place Of Choice For Sellers Of HVAC Parts (With Jeep Grand Cherokees Attached), Not For Buyers :wink: