99 Jeep Grand Cherokee -- A/C not blowing

For about two weeks, the A/C in my Jeep would stop blowing as I was driving (primarily on the highway). I could turn it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on and it would be fine. This would happen maybe once or twice a day – no odd noises associated with it.

Two days ago, it happened again, but this time it won’t restart. If I put my hand by the vent, I can still feel cold air trickling out.

Is this a compressor problem?

A point of clarification is necessary. Are you saying that the air coming out of the vents stops? Can you still hear the blower motor turning?

There is still cold air coming out of the vents, but you have to put your hand up to the vents in order to feel it. (It’s not coming out with force.)

Although I’m going to show my ignorance, the answer to your second question is that I don’t know what a blower motor sounds like.

To hear the blower motor, turn the engine off, but have the key in the run positon. Turn the blower speed control to max; switch the mode switch to A/C; and listen for a whirring/humming sound. Your blower motor may be in the engine compartment on the Cherokee so you may have to listen over near the firewall on the right side. Get familiar with what it sounds like running.

When the A/C stops blowing, stop the Cherokee; shut the engine off; turn the key to the run position; and listen to see if the blower sound is still present.

The problem could either be an intermittant blower motor or the evaporator is icing up. One way to differentiate is to use a nonA/C mode where the blower is still running and see if the air flow shuts off in that mode also.

Hope that helps.

That does help. Thank you!