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Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Rotor Warping (caller was Shawn from CT) Slightly incorrect answer given

In regards to the jeep grand cherokee brake situation, I was listening to the show while driving my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and felt the same brake issue because I haven’t repaired it yet. Talking back to the radio didn’t help the boys provide a better answer.
The diagnosis provided was correct; it is warped rotors, but simply replacing the rotors will not fix Shawn’s issue on his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He will continue to warp rotors the more he drives.

The rotors warp on the 1999-2002 WJ’s due to the poor design of the Teves calipers that don’t center well, they drag, create heat and warp the rotors. The only way to really eliminate the issue is to replace the Teves calipers with Akebono calipers. Jeep issued a TSB on this (#05-003-02), and Jeep started producing the WJ with Akebono calipers in May of 2002.

More information is available on a great Grand Cherokee resource site:

using an internet search will also lead you to this site, and to the couple of Jeep forums where there are many discussions on the topic.

It seems to me that the same problem exists in the Grand Caravan /Town & Country also. I know of 3 of them in my small circle of friends.