Jerky Brakes

When I apply the brakes my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited jerks and shutters very bad. What could be causing this?

Warped rotors first probable suspect.

Warped rotors. Loose lug nuts – in which case you possibly now have warped rotors as well. There are other things that could cause it like a failing wheel bearing. They are uncommon, but they could mean that your suspension or steering are getting ready to fail which is something you do not want to happen while traveling at more than about three mph. I’d get the problem looked at sooner rather than later.

IMO, you don’t necessarily need to fix warped rotors immediately unless they are in really bad shape. Others will surely differ on that. But you do not want to drive anywhere with – for example – a front wheel that is preparing to fall off.

As others have suggested, the brake rotors are probably warped. This is not unusual. If this turns out to be the case, don’t have the rotors machined, just replace them with new ones.