Jeep gc starter motor

I have owned two Grand Cheerekees '00 & '05. When they won’t start Jeep says it is the Starter Motor. I heard on the show that there is a simpler fix? Any thoughts before I call AAA once again. Thanks.

There are a number of things that can cause the problem you are having. I would tend to say the starter itself is most likely ok and something else is causing the trouble. The most common trouble is due to dirty battery connections. Do a net search on how automobile starting systems work. This will show you the things involved to make the starter system work.

Thanks. Not the battery. It’s on its way to the dealer.

Someone at the Jeep dealer has already gave you a load of bologna. You want more of that? I’m sure they will give you a new starter, and, “By the way, Mr. NATCOY, these other expensive items were bad, too!”, says your service manager.