Jeep engine issues post-PCM replacement

Hi folks,

Having some trouble with my 2013 Jeep Wrangler.

It recently started bucking on me at high speeds and when driving uphill, sometimes when the engine changes gears. If I accelerate when the bucking happens, the engine cuts out and the steering column locks up, then it takes 5-10 minutes of rest before the engine is able to turn over again.

The first time it happened I found there were critters building a nest on top of the battery and had it cleared out.

I had the transmission serviced and it’s not a transmission issue.

I took it to the dealer for further investigation and was told the PCM was shorting out. Had it replaced and lo and behold, the issue started happening again today after a couple weeks of smooth sailing.

I’m flipping the jeep soon for a new Subaru and I just need to keep the car on the road for another month or so until the new car comes in, and I feel daft paying even more than I have already for these ineffective bandaid repairs.

If anyone knows what else this issue could possibly be, I’d appreciate some insight and recommendations.


I think if I had that problem , my guess would be some sort of problem with the battery power to the rest of the car. I’d put a lab volt-meter (preferably the moving coil type, with the needle that swings as the voltage changes) on the seat next to me so I could monitor the battery voltage as I drove. May have to probe at various places before finding the point in the circuitry the voltage drop-out is occurring.

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