93 Jeep Wrangle

My Wrangle which I have owned for four years, and has 264,000 miles, is the most reliable auto I have ever owned. However, in the last week it has twiced failed me by not starting when I needed it to.

Both times it would not turn over, but instead just displayed the normal ingition lights. Sometime after these incidents, for no apparent reason, the thing would turn over and start just fine as it always has.

I suspect the culprit is a flaw with the the idiodic security circut breaker located just below and to the right of the steering wheel. Could be anything else though and I would very much appreciate someone’s take.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Benson

If it’s like the newer security feature …the engine should crank just fine. It will only start for about 3 sec. There should also be a dash indicator that the security system is active …or not deactivated. I’m assuming that this is an OEM setup.

This sounds more like a clutch safety switch or a neutral safety switch issue depending on the transmission.

Step one is to remove and clean the battery posts…What engine is in your Jeep?

Put a new battery in a couple of months ago but did check the connections and they seem fine. The Jeep has the 4.0 liter. Thanks

Many of the Jeeps had a starter relay which would intermittantly fail. It was under the hood and when the ignition switch was turned to the start position the relay closed and connected the battery at pin 30 to the starter solenoid at pin 87. When it fails to start jump the 30 to 87(the relay base is marked) slots in the relay box and see if the starter works. BE SURE IT’S NOT IN GEAR! When these pins are jumped it bypasses the safety switches, which were also an intermittant starting problem.

When you say security circuit breaker, do you mean sentry key or the clutch/neutral switch? '93 is too early for any anti-theft devices in the Wrangler.

A couple of years ago I replaced the starter on my '02 Wrangler (also with the 4.0L, but of course with some modernization) after experiencing similar problems. First it wouldn’t crank intermittently then eventually all the time. I verified that it was the starter/solenoid by disconnecting the harness on the starter (the small wires to the solenoid, not the heavy battery terminal) and having someone turn and hold the key to start while I checked for voltage at the harness. With good voltage there, I knew the key, wiring, relays, etc were all good, and the problem was down at the starter. Replacing the starter on a Wrangler is a 10 minute job, only because I spent 5 minutes fetching my tool box.