1998 jeep sahara

jusr replaced battery seemed like problem solved today it didn’t start and made a sound like a child imitating a machine gun what gets replaced next.i saw some people.who went thru a laundry list of parts jeepers! (so to speak)

Well, you’ve probably eliminated the battery as the problem. The alternator is regulated by the PCM, so unless there’s a wire/connector problem (which should show up on the dash gauge as lower voltage that will track with battery voltage), you’re stuck with the alternator or perhaps the battery temp sensor being the most likely suspects. The battery temp sensor is located in the battery tray.

thanks plenty, plenty for your imput

If the bolts are loose on the starter or flywheel it would make that kind of noise, same if it had a cracked flywheel.

Dear sunshine,
Next to check are poor contacts. I suggest that you wiggle something, like the wires. This works better if you are wearing cute boots. If that caused the car to crank, then clean terminals and wires.