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Air Conditioning in Texas Heat

My 2004 Jeep Wrangler starts blowing warm air from the air conditioner (in the Texas heat) so I take it in to an auto shop. They look for a freeon leak and found none, so they replaced the A/C compressor for almost $800 parts and labor. The A/C still did not feel like it was very cold, so they charged it. The A/C is back to blowing warm/hot air. My question - what if they find that it wasn’t the A/C compressor at all, but something else. Should I expect to have to pay more $$$$?

You very well may have to pay more but that doesn’t mean that it’s justified. There’s not enough info known about this problem as to symptom details, pressures, how they checked for leaks, etc. to make much of a guess.

Off the cuff, I’d say this stinks a little anyway and I’d get someone else to take a look at it before going back to this shop. You might take note of the pressures (static and both high/low) and post them back here for discussion.

You need a better AC shop.

The compressor is the last thing you want to replace, not the first.

Prehaps the problem is with the temperature blend door, under the dashboard, and not the AC system.

Test, don’t guess.

Heres another vote for a possible blend door problem. Dont know if this applies to your Jeep, but I know on Fords a sure sign of a blend door problem is the heat works normally, but the AC only blows cold in the max ac setting. Have you tried this?

The shop should have been able to tell if the compressor was working normally by the high and low side pressures. If they just decided to throw a (very expensive) part at it, it’s time to go somewhere else.

I don’t know that the blend door would be my guess, but I agree that you need an automotive AC shop that will diagnose the prblem and not just change parts. Frankly, I think these guys screwed you by just changing a part at your expense.

I’ve attached a link to a good description of how automotive AC systems work. A competant shop can test the various components involved and change the right one. A lot can be gleaned from pressures at those low and high pressure ports.

Try another shop.