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Jeep Commander w/3.7L V6 real world gas mileage

Anyone own a Jeep Commander w/3.7L V6? Just wondering what you get for gas mileage (driving around town, and highway)? I’ve noticed some 2008’s and a few 2009’s on craigslist (dealer ads) for good prices. has the official EPA estimates. I find the best way to get a good idea of “real world” mileage is to compare it side-by-side with what you drive now or other cars you have driven in the past.

I checked the above website. It lists the mpg of my Chevy Venture as being about 22mpg, but I’ve gotten as high as 30mpg depending on how I drive it.

Was kind of hoping to find someone who owns a Commander w/3.7L to see what kind of gas mileage they get.

Since I was interested in a vehicle that seated 2 up front, 3 in the middle, and either 2 or 3 in the back row (that flips down for more storage), the Chevy Traverse looked good, but from what I’ve read about the gas mileage, it might not be that much better than a Jeep Commander. Also the prices for new Traverses in my area are way too high imo. I was hoping to buy more a base model Traverse around mid $20s after negotiating, but most of what I’m seeing locally is in the high $30’s to low $40s. The 2008 and 2009 Commanders I’m seeing are going for $20k and less depending on miles.

When Consumer Reports tested a 5.7 liter V-8 Commander, their overall mpg figure (mixed city and highway) was 13 mpg. Undoubtedly, the V-6 will get better mileage, but they also noted that the V-6 was “lackluster” in terms of power. CR recommends the 4.7 liter V-8 as being the best engine choice for this vehicle.

They also characterized the Commander’s reliability as “well below average”.

The 3.7 V6 simply isn’t enough engine for such a large vehicle. I would not be surprised the V8 models actually get better real-world fuel mileage. If it were me, I would go with the Hemi. The EPA says that the V6 model gets 14 city and 19 highway. The 4.7L V8 is rated at 13 city and 18 highway. And the 5.7L Hemi V8 is rated at 13 city and 19 highway.

Doesn’t make much sense to go with the V6 IMHO.

I would also not get a 3.7 l in the Jeep. It too heavy. Test drive it back-to-back with a Traverse, a Pilot, or a Flex. I know the Commander’s cheap right now, but there’s a reason for that. It’s been a failure in the market, even before the recent problems.

Try a Jeep forum as no one owns one of these here.

With regards to power or lack of power in V6 I would simply take on an extended test drive and see how it perfoms.

Not everyone needs or wants to sprint all the time and it may be fine in unloaded condition.

You know? The Ford Flex isn’t a bad idea. Unfortunately, I can’t find it’s gas mileage on the site. I see it has the potential to seat up to 8.

A co-worker is renting one while their MDX is repaired. He said it is an awful POS. Plus, it’s ugly :slight_smile:

The 0-60 time for V6 Commander is 12 seconds. It’s one of the slowest vehicles you can buy. In this case it’s not about sprinting around, it’s about being able to safely merge with traffic. I have driven several Commanders (although, not back to back). The V6 model performed much like an old Ford 3/4 ton Econoline van ( 4.9L 1bbl I6 w/ C6 tranny) that I drove as part of a summer job I had back in high school. In contrast the Hemi-powered Commander that I ferried from Richmond,VA to Raleigh, NC was more enjoyable, it had far better pickup. With that said, IMHO the Commander is a mediocre vehicle. I thought the 4 Runner, Pathfinder, Explorer, and even the Trailblazer were superior vehicles overall. But if the deal was good enough I suspect one could make themselves happy enough with a V8 Commander. But I would have serious reservations about the V6 model.

Well, to be fair, I do drive a Chevy Venture, which isn’t the nicest looking vehicle on the road. But one thing two things I wanted: people carrying capacity and decent gas mileage. Also, low cost (Honda and Toyota minivans are very expensive imo). Ford Flex might be our next vehicle.

The Flex starts at 28k for a 2WD base model, a The base model Honda Odyssey starts at about $26.5. You may want to do a little more research.

“Unfortunately, I can’t find it’s gas mileage on the site.”

Look under 2009 Ford SUVs. It gets 17 city, 24 highway, and 19 average.