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What do you think of the 2008 Chevy Aveo Hatchback?

We are currently a one car family (2007 Toyota Yaris) and we are looking to add a second car. I recently test drove a 2008 Chevy Aveo hatchback and my first impression was a very good one. I am strongly considering buying this car, but I don’t know anyone who has owned one. Have you (or anyone you know) had any experience with a 2008 aveo? Good ro bad, I would love to hear it!

Keep in mind, we love our tiny little Yaris and are perfectly fine with it’s small stature, not-so-peppy, low the ground Steve Urkel styling. We are looking for something similar, but less expensive, which the Aveo seems to be.

I’ve never seen a happy Aveo (Daewoo) owner, ever. But it beats walking…more or less.

Neighbor has one…he has no respect for cars and drives it like the expendable vehicle it is. Get it cheap enough, don’t expect much and no one will steal it, the one advantage.

Please allow me to give you the text of Consumer Reports’ capsule review of the Aveo:

[b]Other than a tight turning circle, the chintzy Daewoo-produced Aveo doesn’t offer much. Fuel economy is just 26 mpg overall, which isn’t impressive for such a small car. Handling lacks agility, with imprecise steering and lots of body lean. The ride is jittery and noise is constant. Access is easy, but fit and finish is insubstantial and the seats are uncomfortable. The hatchback adds versatility, but the sedan has a roomier trunk. ESC and side curtain airbags are not available. Reliability is well below average.[/b]

In their ratings chart for subcompact hatchbacks, they list 10 models, and the Aveo ranked 9th, with only the so-called Smart car ranking lower.

You had a good impression of this car?

Surely you can find something better than this on the market, within your price range.
As just one example, the Kia Rio5 was ranked #6 on the list, and it costs about $2,300 less than the Aveo when new. Or, a new Hyundai Accent, which was ranked #7, lists for about $3,700 less than the extremely overpriced Aveo. Both the Kia and the Hyundai also feature a much longer warranty than the Aveo.

As FoDaddy said, it beats walking…but not by much.

You could have a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT with auto transmission for $1500 less than a similar 2008 Yaris. That will save money and the Cobalt is a lot better car than the Aveo. A 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS sedan will be around $9000, too (same as Cobalt).

You’d probably be better off buying another used Yaris than an Aveo.
Check out the Scion xA, or newer version, the xD. Some have had good things to say about the Nissan Versa as well.

The 2010 Car Reliability GPA of the Chevrolet Aveo for the 0-to-4-year age range is 1.00 (a D by letter grade) and the overall 2010 Car Reliability GPA of the Chevrolet Aveo is 0.83 over a 5-year data history.

By contrast, the 2010 Car Reliability GPA of the Toyota Yaris Hatchback is a perfect 4.00 for the 0-to-4-year age range, and the overall 2010 Car Reliability GPA of the Toyota Echo (the Yaris predecessor with a less refined interior) is a perfect 4.00 over a 6-year data history.

You may want to check out a 2005 Toyota Echo, but before buying one, make sure to check for any abuse of the vehicle.

Also, it may be useful to check out for reliability info.

How about some disclosure about who owns the website you’re directing people to and where your figures taken from?

If you currently drive a Yaris, you can consider yourself spoiled in the area of reliability and durability. If cars were animals, the Yaris would have great genes and the Aveo very poor ones. This car is a holdover from the less than stellar design of Daewoo, the car company that went bankrupt, and the assets of which were bought by GM. There is a new Aveo in the works which is supposed to be better.

As others, including Consumer Reports, say, the Aveo has no redeeming qualities. There are a lot of econoboxes on the market that are more reliable, last longer and are easier to maintain. Personally I would get a stripper Hyundai Accent which is a good car at a very competive price.