Jeep Cherokee Classic & Front Axle Bearings

During my annual tune-up (performed by American Automobile Association), i was informed that the front axle of my 1999 Jeep Cherokee was leaking and that it needed bearings, asap. The parts were relatively cheap – roughly $65. the labor estimate is $600. Is this a reasonable fee? Is AAA a reputable service provider? (this is my first interaction with them and I am not impressed. They were were stingy in providing detail on what they repaired, and they seem very pricey).

Thanks in advance.

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“Classic”? Is this an XJ or a Grand?

In any event, you could do the entire rear for that kinda money. It should be a Dana 30 (assumed XJ) and it’s a relatively simple.

Now when you’re saying “axle” bearings, you are truly referring to the carrier bearings and not the PINION BEARING, correct? A pinion bearing on the D30 uses a crush sleeve and is somewhat of a work out to setup up. I still would not think $600 though.

Then again, I’m often hit with sticker shock since I do most of the <$300 jobs myself.

i am just finding your reply. The Cherokee “Classic” is the small boxey-shaped Jeep. It is neither XJ nor Grand.

Correct. I am talking about the Pinion Bearing. Less than $600 in labor, you think?

During my annual tune-up (performed by American Automobile Association),

When did AAA start doing mechanical work? And I do think $600 is a bit high, that sounds more like replacing all the bearings in the Differential.

tx. aaa has apparently franchised an auto repair service. in durham, nc, where i live, they do mechanical work.