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Jeep Cherokee 2017 dash lights come in and off all night. Help!

Somebody please help with this one. I don’t get it. All night the lights where the speedometer is pop on like the car was unlocked or something. Nothing else changes as ive observed. Just those lights pop on and after a minute they go off. But only to pop on again a while after. I thought it might be the light sensor that helps the car know how bright the inside lights should be at different times of day so I covered it up but that didn’t help. Very confused why this is happening. And its not an old or missused vehicle. Thanks

Should still be under warranty, tell your dealership what you have told us.
BTW, under what conditions does this happen, are you driving at the time or does this happen with engine off and key out of the ignition.

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Unless the OP has exceeded the odometer mileage limit, his Jeep should still be covered by the 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, which covers everything other than “wear” items like brake pads.