Jeep Cherokee 2000, replace dented door or repair it? Deer strike

Anyone know whether is better to replace door or repair huge dent and side view mirror? A deer, doing about 25mph, hits driver side door; I was going about 60mph. The door only opens from inside, as the deepest part of dent is near handle. The metal at the window lip is bowed out about half an inch in the middle, as the arc moves across the door, if you know what I mean. Side view mirror housing OK, but mirror itself shattered. Door out of line at top edge, due to impact, dent, etc… I have $1,000 deductible, and I don’t want to file claim if cost is close to $1,000

It’s always easier to replace a body component than repair it.

Get a used door from an auto parts recycler. And if you’re really lucky, it’ll come off a Jeep of the same color.


Find A Good Clean, Rust-Free Used Door.

I replaced a door (rear) with one, once, several years ago. It cost $90 at that time, had the same color trim panel and window/lock options (manual), and it was the same color! I bolted that door on and then hired a shop to repair the 1/4 panel that was involved.

There is a lot of labor in repairing, replacing a shell, or re-skinning a door and it’s more cost effective to replace it as a unit with a used one, also probably stronger and more structurally sound.


I agree with the others. Call around to the bone yards and they may be able to find an exact match.

Then sit back and enjoy a little venison tenderloin.
I know an old fellow who just about lives off Venison road kill. He has a few sheriff’s deputies that will call him when they have a fresh one. If he can get there within a few hours during cool weather, he’ll get it and process it himself.


thank you one and all for your comments.

Just to echo the other comments…a used (salvage) door is the only way to go.

How’d the deer make out?