Javelina takes unplanned joyride in Subaru

A wild piglike animal called a javelina took an unplanned joyride in a Subaru after the vehicle’s owner apparently thought leaving the hatch open overnight was a good idea. Cheetos lure hungry javelina into an unexpected ride in Arizona - CBS News

At first I thought it said a Cheetah chased the javelina into the Subaru , but no, the fault actually lies w/ with a package of Cheetos …

Javelinas must have pretty good taste sense given their apparent preference for tasty Cheetos. Reminds me of the time I went camping not too far from San Jose, a national park called Pinnacles. I was walking in a gulley near the campsite just to see what was there, and all of a sudden a herd of wild pigs, like 20 pigs, comes running down the gulley toward me. Oinking. They have a name, but forget what it is, some of them had sharp-looking horns on their noses. Me, having no idea about the dangers wild pigs might pose, just stood there admiring their rugged appearance as they jogged past.