Pig lady philosophy prof car - Subara Baja

It’s a four door sedan, for the philosophy prof.
It has a pick up bed, for the pig lady.
It’ a Subaru.

How about a Honda Element? I understand you can hose them out - and they look cool, too!

The Baja would be perfect.

She should invest in some single-use Tyvek(or similar) coveralls. They’re pretty cheap and don’t take up a lot of room in a bag she can keep under a seat.

Absolutely, the Subaru Baja is perfect. Here are some other ideas:
Historic Chevy El Camino: Classic good looks in front, and a place for pigging around in the back.
Or - an Australian Ute: It’s a modern Camino, made by Ford or Chevy (i.e. Holden). How fast can pigs fly? Answer: With a Ford Falcon XR8 and its 422hp probably faster than a small plane!

There is a car/truck in Australia called a fors UTE that would be perfect since she does not feel like a truck would be her style…

How about the Honda Rangeline? Its a little larger than what she is used to but it would work. Do they still make the Baja?

A Toyota Highlander may be a little bigger than pig lady philosopher might like but it’s got great power and we tow a small aluminum travel trailer behind it without any loss of mileage or power. A little utility trailer would be great towed behind the Highlander. Hold out for a used one as they last forever. Our 2002 is going on 200,000 miles with very little maintenance.

I can’t believe Tom/Ray passed up the opportunity to further question the ‘pig lady’ as to what she does with all those orphaned pot-belly pigs!! Pig roast? hickory smoked bacon? Pot-belly pig sled team? The options are endless and we, as informed Car Talk listeners need to know more!

“How about the Honda Rangeline?”

I believe that Keith is referring to the Honda Ridgeline.

And–no, the Subaru Baja has not been made for several years.

Yeah, thats what I meant.

Another option to the Subaru Baja would be the Ford Explorer Sport Trac. They stopped production last year, but she could find a low-mileage used one fairly easily. It would be less likely to get her confused with the campus yard maintenance crew than driving a pickup truck.

I was also thinking Honda Element - it has removable back seats (when toting piggies) & can be hosed out & a decent ride. Bless you piggy-lady!

I think Jeep will be comming out with a truck next year (2012). That said, I’d still perfer a used Baja for looks and versatility since the caller was use to a civic wagon.