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Jasper Transmissions

Short story: Looking for opinions/experience with the quality & longevity of Jasper transmission rebuilds.

Longer story: I’m looking at possibly buying an '03 Ford Windstar. I have no illusions about minivans b/c they all have transmission problems - the last time I bought one I calculated a transmission rebuild into what I would pay (and, of course, had it rebuilt eventually).

Anyway, this van has done its last 65K (109K total) on a Jasper. I know that Jasper is something of an industry standard for engine & trans rebuilds, and maybe I should just trust based on that.

I also know that far more important is how well it was maintained and how it was driven. I plan to look into that.

But, in general, how are Jaspers?

All I can say is this: the Jasper lasted longer than the original Ford transmission, and it’s still working.

That’s what I like to hear :wink: