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Jaguar driving lights

I have a 2005 Jaguar S Type. When I am driving with the head lights and the driving lights on and I switch on the high beams the driving lights turn off, when I turn the high beams off the driving lights will not turn on again unless the ignition is turned off for at least 30 seconds. In the past when I switched the high beams off the driving lights would come back on automatically. I took the car to the dealer and explained the problem. They returned the car and said that they had re flashed the system and that the problem had been corrected. That evening I tested the lights and the driving lights would not come back on after the high beams had been used. I returned to the dealer and this time they said that Jaguar factory tech support said that this was a normal operating condition. If any one has a 2005 S Type or has experience with this year and model could you please let me know what happens with the driving when the high beams are turned on and what happens when they are turned off.

Let me first make clear that I’m making a real guess. I know nothing of this system.

Generally lighting systems work using relays. This enables a low voltage to activate the relay solenoid while the full 12VDC goes to the lamp(s). The Body Control Module controls the relays.

I’d have to look at a schematic, but I’ll bet there’s a relay for that circuit that’s hanging up. Relays are often much less expensive than shop time and sometimes it makes sense to just try replacing one.

Again, this is a wild guess. But perhaps it will stimulate the thought process of someone here more knowledgable in this subject.