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Jaguar 2002 X-Type ABS

The car runs great, but ABS brake always engaged at start-up. Heavy vibration. The ABS warning light comes on after a couple of miles and then the brakes work fine. Changed the wheel speed senors, but repairman said it has to be dealer programmed. Dealer wants to replace ABS pump and module for $3,000. Not way. Is an easy fix?

Did the dealer check for stored chassis codes? If so, what were they?

Get a second diagnosis & estimate from an independent shop.
Preferably one that specializes in Jag.

+1 for @circuitsmith and if it’s still going to cost $3K…I would disconnect the ABS. I drove for many years without problem one and none of my vehicles had ABS at that time. I’m all for ABS when the system works but I can live without it.