2001 Taurus ABS brake problem

ABS brakes would go on every time the car came to a stop. Mechanic first thought a bad wheel sensor. Diagnostic said it was a bad ABS electronic control module. After intalling a used ECM and changing all the wheel sensors, didn’t fix the problem. Went to a Ford dealer and they said it was the ABS hydraulic pump module. Took it back to my mechanic, he put in a used ABS hyraulic pump module and ABS ECM, bled the brakes and still the problem with the ABS going on everytime the car came to a stop. What’s wrong?

You had the wheel sensors replaced new but installed a used ECM. My first guess is that the used ECM has the same defect as the original part.

Hi, the mechanic put in at least two different ECM’s. He also checked the part numbers to make sure they were the same part that he replaced. Some Taurus’s have traction control, my car does not, so the ECM is a little different. He also put in two different hydraulic control modules. He said the parts were checked out at the salvage place. He does a lot of body work at his shop so he says his salvage supply places are reliable. My mechanic is baffled. The ford dealership wanted $3,300 to replace the ABS hydraulic pump control and the ECM.