Jag fuel pump

How difficult is it to replace a fuel pump on a 2002 Jaguar S-Type, V-6 ? Does it require vast knowledge, or is it just like a Ford product? (Lincoln)

You can gain access to the TWO fuel pumps by removing the back seat cushion. Below the carpet and pad will be the fuel pump apeture cover. Remove the cover, unplug the electrical connector to the fuel pumps. With a special fuel line disconnect tool remove the fuel lines. With the special lock ring tool remove the lock ring that retains the fuel pump assemblies to the gas tank. Remove the fuel pumps.


One of the pumps is electric. The other one is a jet type pump that is powered by the fuel flow from the electric pump. It is rare for the jet type to fail. Both pump assemblies have fuel level senders, so both do have electrical connections. The big plastic ring that seals each assembly to the tank can be difficult to re-install. Also, you may have to make a tool to remove them with. It should be just like the Lincoln LS fuel pump setup.

That sounds easy enough if you have the special tools…Thanks