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Crazy repair

I’m speechless.

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Isn’t there supposed to be a castle nut on there? Kinda spooky.

What could possibly go wrong?..
I was involved with the 9th World Helicopter Championship in 1996. The Russians entered a pair of MIL-2 military helicopters. A co-worker and I were checking one out and discovered an inspection panel screw with a beer bottle cap washer. An innovative very temporary “field fix”. It had been painted over!

I hope you showed it to the owner and fixed it right.

at first i thought castle nut with no cotter pin. than i see it has no castle nut. so the tapered stud is sitting lower than normal? uh, is it the wrong tierod with the wrong dia taper and thats how far it would go in so they tossed the nut and put in the screw? car has hi po drilled rotors too. must be a nice setup. when it pops out and the steering goes 90deg sideways i hope car just skids to a stop without taking out the car next to it

Probably they split or otherwise wrecked the castle nut to get it off and didn’t have another on hand. I’ve done it. It means a trip to the auto or hardware store in my other car or on a bike.

Who knows if the car was driven like this, and if so, how much? The worst case would be to do a temporary get-by like this and then forget to finish the job.

What are you guys looking at? It’s a picture of a U-joint where a CV joint should be.:wink:


Looks like an older truck. Model/year, anyone?

find a proper nut


There could be more surprise “fix” somewhere there, keep your eyes open.

Due to the winking emoji I highly suspect keith is collectively pulling our legs concerning the U-joint vs CV joint. Why would a “super strong” drywall screw not properly replace a castle nut secured by a cotter key? LOL!

I woulda used a self tapping sheet metal screw, not a drywall screw.

some people…

Paper clip. More secure

hmmm . maybe this state-required annual safety inspection thing has some merit :wink: