Its would be my 3th car


hi all i have question, how its come Range Rover Sport’s MSRP 60,495$ and mothly payment is 899$ for 60 months – http://www…landrover/

BUT BMW X6 xDrive 5.0 MSRP $69,875 but monthly payment 719$ for 36 months – http://www…04dr%20SUV

im new in cars sphere, this would be my second car, and i would like understand how its came fact an expensive car’s monthly payment is less than that car what is cheaper but has much monthly payment

also im in choose between these cars

all 2011: Porsche Cayenne S, Range Rover Sport, BMW X6 5.0, Mercedes E350(550), BMW 535i GT

which one you would recommend me? im single guy 20 years old… and i don’t care about HP… i need sexier exterior look and likely intereor look too… attractive one but at my listed cars

im only ready to spend 1000$ per month(included insurance) are these cars in that range ? and especially im wondered does my linked X6 in rage of 1000$ per month?(with insurance)

The BMW is a lease and the Range Rover’s price is to actually buy the car.

You’re 20 and have enough money to get a Range Rover and a Porsche?

Well, I don’t like the looks of the X6, and I don’t like the idea of the Cayenne (a Porsche SUV?). To tell the truth, I don’t care for any of these SUVs. The 5 GT is a lot better looking than the X6, but what is it? An SUV? A wagon?

yes! you understood righ! im 20 years old and i have enought money for LEASE one of them… thanks for advice but i think 535i GT its not so nice for 20 years old single guy… because that car looks like as family car… can you give me you advice about 2011 Range Rover Sport or 2011 Range Rover ?

im really confused in my taste… which one i like

and they are all must be included in 1000$ per month(with insurance)
especially im wondering are BMW X6 and RR Sport HSE affordable for 1000$ per month?

finnaly anyone can recommend me one of them? i tired to visit alot of sites…

Porsche Cayenne S
Range Rover Sport HSE
BMW X6 5.0
Mercedes E550 Coupe

Range Rovers are very nice, but be honest - I’m sure you’re never going to take it off-road. Why not save your money and get something other than an SUV? I see you’re looking at an E class. Or why not get something more honest? I doubt anyone will care about what kind of car you have.

and they are all must be included in 1000$ per month(with insurance)

No one here knows what you’ll be paying for insurance, because we don’t know your driving record. It will likely be high, given your age the the kind of vehicles you’re looking at. You should talk to an insurance agent to understand your potential insurance costs. It may reduce that $1000/month number quite a bit.

The BMW requires $6,944 Cash due at signing. The more you pay upfront on a lease, the lower the monthly lease payment. The expected depreciation of the vehicle over the lease period will also be a big factor.

How about a Corvette or Mustang?

These sporty cars are a better value and more reliable than the European cars.

The first thing is to take the Rover off the list. They break far too often, and you will have to budget a lot of money to repair it after the warranty expires. And during the warranty period, you will be without the Rover during covered repairs.

The next thing is to decide if you want a SUV or a car. Between the two SUVs on the list (Cayenne S and X6 5.0), choose the one you like best. Either is reasonably relible; certainly for a 2 to 3 year lease. Between the cars, decide if you want a crossover (535i GT) or a more traditional car. I’d prefer a Cayman S of all the Porsches. Also among the cars, check out the CLS 350 from MB.

As another poster said, we have no idea what you’ll spend for insurance. For the record though, most insurance companies will give a bit of a discount for paying several months at a time, usually 6. Do a dealership search on each company’s websites and write down some VINs for the vehicles you’re interested in. When you’ve gathered those up, take them to your insurance agent and ask what it’ll cost to insure those vehicles.

I just ran a quick thing on Geico and my 6 month premium for a Range Rover would be $370/6 months. However, the discounts I get for my age, how long I’ve been driving, and options on the car, add up to over $500/6 months. My actual total would be $913 and some change, which would be closer to your rate since you’ve only lived here for 2 months(no driving experience in this country).

To estimate a car note, take 20% of the sticker price, that should give you a rough estimate of your car payments per month. So that $62k Range Rover will run you about $1200/month. The deals you see, if you read the fine print, says it’s for people with good credit ratings, which you probably won’t have, since you just moved here.

So, in conclusion, you’ll be paying roughly $1400/month for that Range Rover HSE including your insurance payments. The lesson; cut your price in half, look for vehicles in the $20~30k range.

You probably aren’t aware that leasing is more expensive than buying in the long term. I suspect you probably don’t care.

HyeGuy, let’s try this a little differently. What do you want the car for? Is this for high speed higway driviing? Do you need the extra space of a SUV to carry something? Will you use it to attract girls? IS it a fassion statement? If we have a better idea why you want it, we can help you find the right car.

What do you mean when you say “3th”? Especially since you say this will be your second car.

thanks for question, im not interested about cargo room, or high speed driving… to be honest im looking for a car whats will attract girls but also be reliable and has great features, and its monthly payment should’t be more than 1000~1100$ and what about lease and insurance… insurance will do my mother by her name, she has 34 driving record. no point, and one ticket for wrong parking, lease would be do my sister, she has 780 credit score yes and by the way and ill be included in insurance with mother
which one can attract girls?.. X6, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Benz E550 Sedan(Coupe) or BMW 535i GT… if they are’t please suggest yours

1000~1100$(included insurance)

We can’t help you with costs; we all live in the North America. I’d look more at coupes than sedans. They speak more of youth than age. Test drive an Audi S5 Coupe. It’s a road car with AWD and a hot V8.

I’m curious…what was your first car? Your numbers seem like they were grabbed out of thin air and the list seems designed to bankrupt. I tip my hat to your ability to pay huge sums of money, but wonder about the integrity of your decision making process.

If the goal is to get girls, allow me to suggest that there are a number of choices out there that will provide a lot more fun and a lot more leftover cash to impress them with. The Miata comes to mind as a good example. Heck, even a base 370Z or a Lexus I-230 droptop would be cheaper than your listed vehicles.

You’ll attract more girls in a red Mazda 2 (new this year) than any of the luxury cars you mention. The girls who are attracted by expensive cars are more interested in your (or your parent’s) money than you.

“The girls who are attracted by expensive cars are more interested in your (or your parent’s) money than you.”

Why do you think he is interested in finding a mate? The guy is 20. Maybe he is interested in a light-hearted relationship. You’re only young once. It’s time for those mistakes that you’ll look back on fondly in 40 years.

Agree; I was young once and the kind of car I drove seemed to have no influence on the girls I dated.

My '61 Beetle definitely had no influence on the girls I dated. It’s a wonder I EVER got a date.