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It's a NO GO

I recently started to have problems with my 92 Nissan Sentra XE. It was driving just fine and then all of a sudden it started to bogg and not want to go when starting off. During this process I see my gas gage DROP. It sounds like a pick up truck and does not want to exceletate at start then takes off after 3rd gear.

I replaced the spark plugs,cap & roter as well as the plug wires and air filter. At first I thought it was that it was getting no spark to one of the plugs so I pulled the #1 plug off to see if there was and sure enough there was spark also this did not affect the idle in any way.

I am thinking that there is either something wrong with one of my fuel injectors or that the valve itself is stuck. I am in dire straights for a second oponion on this…please help