It sounded like a jack hammer, then I realized it was my car

I was driving up a hill, not too steep, at 55 mph at 10pm, 132,000 miles on the vehicle, and suddenly I heard what sounded like a jack hammer, I thought there was road construction, but then I realized it was me making that sound, it got louder when I stepped on the gas, and softer when I let up. It was coming from the front. I never lost power, the engine never over heated and I made it home on the freeway at 55 mph, just with the gwad awful sound. As I got into the driveway, I realized the sound was there the whole time, just more pronounced when I stepped on the gas… any thoughts???

It could be any number of things, too many to randomly guess. First thing is to check your oil and make sure this isn’t an engine bearing that’s bitten the dust (which I doubt).

If the oil level is good, I can only suggest starting the engine and looking around under the hood to try and locate where it’s coming from; maybe you’ll see what it is.

It sounds like an exhaust failure of some kind. Maybe the muffler.

Perhaps a sparkplug blew out.

i second the spark plug theory my ustang did the same thing it sounded like a jackhammer but no contruction around so i pulled over called my dad he came over started it and saw the plug attached to the wire swinging about

A spark plug blowing out WILL make that sound…But the OP said there was no loss in engine power…which there would be if a spark-plug blew out…Maybe he didn’t notice.

Yeah I did see the “no loss in power” but also thought he just did not notice.

I’m thinking exhaust leak.

Well, I blew out the EVO(?) valve and I found a mechanic from the search here on car talk’s site and he fixed it for a great price and now I’m in driving bliss once again!! Yea!!