It just wont start 1997 Sierra

My problem is with my truck not starting. It has a history of missing when first starting up, especially on wet days or on cruise control on a flat grad. Today I started it up and it missed a couple times as it normally does. I went down the road and it missed a few more times, then it died all together. It turns over easily and I hear the fuel pump kicking on. Also, after trying to start it for a few minutes I smelled fuel from the exhaust. Seems to be getting fuel, although I am thinking it is the fuel pump. I have a bad habit of running on “E” but there is at least 4-5 gallons in the tank. I do run the tank lower than that ofter and rarely put more than 5 gallons in my tank at anytime. I know that this could cause problems with junk in the fuel lines and possibly causing a clog in an injector. What do you think I have going on and what are some things I can try.