Isuzu Trooper

The check engine light has been on our Isuzu Troper for four years. Everything has been checked and the car is okay. Need to know how to get it off so the car can pass inspection in NY.

Year and mileage, please? The more information you provide the better.

Find out why the light is on. There is a reason. Fix whatever has caused the light to come on (after four years there may be multiple problems). Once the problems are fixed the light can be turned off, or it will go off on its own.

There is a reason the light is on. It doesn’t come on just for fun.

What does “Everything has been checked” mean? If the light is on there are trouble codes in the computer. Who checked everything? What are the codes?

I always love it when someone says, “My check engine light has been on for (insert number here) years.”