Isuzu Rodeo and idle issue

I’ve got a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo with a fuel injected V-6 engine. Great vehicle. Only problem is the is the engine idles at 1500 rpm’s per the tachometer. This increases to 2000+ when the air conditioner is on. Just looking for a starting place besides the local repair shop. I have fairly good mechanical ability.

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Check into the Idle Air Control/Air By Pass motor. This is the single component that controls the engine idle speed under all conditions.


Any way to check this without replacing it?


The only way a DIY’er can check for defective IAC/ABP motor when it causes a fast idle is to, smack it with the handle of a screwdriver while the fast idle is occuring, and if this effects the idle, that’s the problem. Other than that, unless you have the proper equipment, no.