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2001 Taurus Fast Idle

My 01 Taurus will develope a fast idle as high as 1800rpm. I don’t have to be moving. This is eratic and will last from a few seconds to 10-15 munutes before dropping back down to 800rpm. The engine can be cold or hot. I’ve tried to get it to occur by moving around the vacuum hoses or tapping on component around the air intake but with no success.

It could be the IAC idle air control. This is a motor that pushes the throttle to keep the car from stalling. You might have a problem with the rpm sensor that reads the engine speed. The computer reads the sensor and pushes the trottle to keep the idle even. Your sensor could be intermittently send a bad rpm to the computer. My taurus sensor gradually went bad like this just not to your extent. The sensor could be tough to get out if you live in an area with road salt. Mine was trapped by corrosion and had to be cut out carefully with a dremel tool. Eventually this should set a code.

Where is this sensor located and what’s the ball park cost?

The large tube that runs from the air filter housing connects to the throttle body.

Remove the tube & you’re looking at the throttle plate. Make sure it’s not gunked up with sludge.

The IAC bleeds air around the closed throtle plate.

If the IAC is the problem, a good cleaning might solve it.

A new IAC is about 50 bucks.

My sensor was on the bell housing of the transmission toward the rear. The air cleaner assembly comes off and you can just reach it towards the rear side of the transmission. Cost is about 45 bucks. For me the hours were the expensive part. Normally it should slide right out when you remove the retaining bolt. If it does not you may rethink replacing it your self if you do not have the time or tools.

That is not quite the right description for a taurus. The idle air control is a servo motor operateing the throttle. The Air flow sensor is in the hose to the intake. There is a bypass for the manifold air pressure in the location you suggest, and gunk is a problem there.

OOPs, thanks for the heads up on that. I did’nt realise the Taurus does things differently.

OK Thanks!! I’ll check this out and see what I find.

that also is not quite right
it is a duty cycled motor attatched to the upper air pleneum ,that controls air flow to raise and lower rpm.very known for binding and causing raised idle concerns.

Had same problem you had w/ my 04’ Ford Tarus. I replaced the IAC for $52 and it took all of 60 sec to change out. PROBLEM SOLVED!! PS: The local service center wanted $250-300 to fix- CROOKS!!!