Turns slow wont start

So I was driving things ok. I had a misfire due to plug blowing off motor. So I used a kit but still have a code. Then driving down road it cutoff. Got it started but ran rough and engine light blinked and then stopped. I then got it parked and checked oil and didnt show on stick. added 3 1/2 qts and still wont start. Tried starting and blew intake manifold apart. Got new intake replaced CPS and new plugs and still wont start. dont know where to look. smells like I am getting fuel… spark… sound like it turns slower then before and maybe thats why it wont start! Idk im boggled and dont have money for these shops nowadays!! HELP!!! Its a 2003 Ford Escape 3.0 V6


That was one hell of a misfire.

were you using starting fluid, when the intake blew apart???


Do you mean a spark plug blew out of its hole?

If it was 3-1/2 quarts low, I have to wonder how long it has been since you checked your oil. It holds six quarts, but that’s some serious neglect.

If it blew the intake manifold apart, you have some serious stuff going on there. (Or were you using starting fluid, in which case you got what you asked for.)

Time to call in a pro, and/or look for a good used engine, if you intend to keep it. How many miles are on it? Is it worth fixing?

No… just tried to start it… think from trying to start it fuel built up
and ignited when tried to start it…

God Bless, Tony

Yes, I was sitting still… started a clanging noise… I took it apart and
replaced gaskets I thought may have been the problem… So when I drove it
home it blew out the hole and shredded coil pack… I got a spark plug kit
and put it in. Kept a misfire on 2… checking online appartently Ford has a
big problem with having only 5 threads to hold the spark plug when there is
11 total!! Im a chevy guy… all this ford crap is new to me… now the oil
I just added a few days ago about a quart and realized the oil filter had
somehow came loose… so tightened back up and it held. When I drove home
the other day it did what I already said… now im thinking timing… but
dont know how it could have dumbed out just by a misfire… I have been
checking online and say allot about csp but I have replaced that… sounds
like it doesnt rotate fast enough…

God Bless, Tony

no… havent done that but half tempted but sounds like doesnt crank fast enough to turn over…

From running the engine near out of oil maybe the engine is trying to seize. Engines do not like to be short-changed on their life blood.