Issues after winter storage

I have stored my 2007 G6 GTP (fuel stabilizer,full tank, wax job, wiper blades removed, exhausts plugged to prevent moisture, rodents, battery removed, 44lbs. of nitrogen in tires, new car cover etc.) but will I have any issues “computer wise” when I re-install the battery in the spring?

Sounds like you are covered a to z to me, I have to guess the battery will be on a battery maintainer, I do not know about the computer on yours, most relearn after a disconnect without a problem. If you are in doubt leave the battery in the car with a battery maintainer.

I bought a C-tek 3300 battery tender, they are supposed to be “state-of-the-art”…it is on my workbench in the basement…I have heard mostly that there should not be any issues and the computer will relearn immediately but I was just “fishing” to see if I would hear of any problems that people had after winter storage…thanks for replying so quickly…

I don’t go to nearly as much trouble as you have, and I’ve never had any issues after winter storage.

However, I don’t remove the battery. I use a Battery Tender periodically to keep the battery fully charged without overcharging.

If your car’s radio has a security code, make sure you know it before you disconnect the battery.