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Issue with blown sprakplug

Alright I have a 05 acura tl and I had a sparkplug blow out and when I went to fix it I wasn’t thinking and put the wrong size heli coil in now I can’t get it threaded back out and now I can’t put the right size spark plug in if I use a smaller size thread spark plug will it work or mess things up more?

If the plug has the same reach once tightened in place, it’s worth a try and couldn’t do any immediate damage. It might help to have the same brand/design on all cylinders, or it might make no difference. Good luck and let us know, please.

If you use a smaller (diameter) plug the threads won’t mesh properly and you’ll blow out the plug again.

An auto machine shop can probably fix that w/out much trouble. They might have to drill out the current wrong size heli-coil, then they’ll figure out a way to install the correct size.