Honda Accord perpetually shoots rod from engine

She’s a '92 Accord with under 200K and one previous owner, a good gal. Recently, the rod popped (or shot, I should say) out of the engine. My mechanic checked it and the spark plug (platinum) and puts a new set of rods on. She still shot the rod out after about 4 min. of driving. He switched the spark plugs and she still shot out the same rod. He is now dumbfounded and tells me to keep driving and just shove the rod back in when it pops out. I refuse. She parked on the curb. Help.

Could you be a bit more descriptive? I don’t believe that your description of “popping a rod” or “shooting a rod” is accurate. Maybe post a picture of the rod? Rocketman

Thanks. The four round tops on top of the engine that go inside and connect to the spark plugs, that is what I’m calling a rod. I was driving one day and BAM! I opened the hood to see that one of the rods had shot out of the engine along with the spark plug. Is that helpful?

You’re describing a spark plug blowing out of the head along with the spark plug wire. The only fix for this is to have a threaded insert installed into the head to form new threads for the spark plug.


Is that what a hel-o-coil is? He mentioned that, but said I didn’t need it. Sounds like it is exactly what is needed since it shoots out different sparkplugs. Thanks!

Yes. Sounds like you need Heli-Coils inserted in all the spark plug holes if different plugs are being blown out.


If the spark plugs are being blown out of the cylinder head this means that someone has gotten ham-fisted in the past when tightening them. They all need thread repairs.

No idea why your mechanic is dumbfounded over this and says that repairs are not needed.

“Shoving the rod back in when it pops out” is only going to lead to a more expensive fix. If this is indeed what your problem is . . I cannot guess why your mechanic doesn’t attempt to fix the threads (Heli-Coil or whatever) as opposed to allowing you to drive this car in the condition you describe. Maybe a second opinion is needed. Rocketman

I’m guessing because her mechanic, and the “ham-fisted” cross-threader you mention, are the same person…

Is your “mechanic” a pro or a backyard mechanic picking up a few extra bucks on weekends? A pro would know this problem and the fix. If a helicoil doesn’t hold and the spark plug blows out again (it is the plug that is pushing the “rod” thing out) then you have to take off the head and either replace it or take the head to a machine shop to see if they can make a repair that will hold up to the pressure of compression in the engine.

This is not an easy fix, but a very easy diagnosis. That’s why the abilities of your mechanic are questionable.