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Issue when going from reverse to drive

Ok this isn’t me, but when this guy says “reverse” at the 6 second mark it sounds almost exactly like that. 1996 Saturn SL2 The rest of the video isn’t relevant. No Issues aside from that sound. usually happens when the car is just started

Check your ATF for a nice red color, if not, drain and refill and replace the filter. The filter is a spin-on cartridge just like your oil filter. If the noise continues, do a “reverse slam” procedure which is simply setting the parking brake and let it run in reverse for about a half hour.

The ports in the valve body that are used when in reverse can gum up since reverse isn’t used all that much compared to forward. After about a half hour, the new ATF should clean out those ports.

If the ATF is a really dark brown or black, drain and refill three times a week apart. Replace the filter on the first drain and fill at least, you probably should change it again on the last one too.