94 Saturn SL2 wont drive in Reverse

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could prevent my 94’Saturn from drivng in reverse. This started happening two days ago. The check engine light also started flashing 2 days ago as well. When I shift to reverse it does one of three things: a) nothing, b) moves forward, 3) sometimes, but rarely moves in reverse.

My car has about 190,000 miles. I am not really sure, the odometer stop working. I have not had an major issues with her thus far…

I hope this is not too expensive to repair…


grad student on a limited budget

stuck in the snow in D.C. (;_:wink:

First, check the automatic transmission fluid level. Then, a change of automatic transmission fluid and filter might help. Sorry, No guarantees.

Thanks, I will give it a try

Then replace the transmission…Or…

When you drive through the gate, turn right then left down the second row. When you see the Saturns, park it right there and bring the plates and keys back to the office. 2950 pounds X .30 cents. That’s $78.50. Do you want a check or cash??

Well, bottom line is, the trans needs to be overhauled. I’ll tell you whats happening with the reverse. The Saturn TAAT transmission is set up like the Honda 3 shaft transmission. You have 4 clutch packs, one for each of the four forward gears. Each clutch has a corresponding gear. Reverse is obtained by the transmission applying one of the clutches (2nd clutch in the TAAT)and by hydraulics, a shift fork with the help of a servo slides an idler gear up the countershaft to connect the 2nd gear with the mainshaft completing reverse. Whats probably happening is the servo is leaking causing the idler gear to not mate or sometimes mate with the 2nd gear. If that idler gear does not mate with the 2nd gear you will only have an applied 2nd clutch pack which will make the vehicle drive forward when you hit the gas. With 190k miles on it, its time for overhaul.