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Issue trying to fill brake fluid reservoir and flushing

So I tried to flush out my brake fluid today. I wanted to suck some out with a baster but there was a mesh/filter-ish screen in there. I tried prying it out no success.

I figured I would still flush so I added some fluid but then the fluid won’t seem to go past the mesh. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem clogged so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

I also tried pulling it out with fingers and using some picks to lift it up no sucess.

Any idea? The car is 2006 Hyundai Tucson. Also nothing about the mesh is mentioned in my service manual.

I bet it is full to the top at this point

“flush” means it has to come down, to the calipers.

once you open valve there, fluid will start coming down and your air bubble up in reservoir will eventually let new fluid in

if you are doing flush for the first time since 2006, you will not have any trouble detecting when new fluid will show up at calipers: it will be much lighter colored

I also thought it was full, but if I shake it a bit I can see the fluid line not all at to the top. It’s odd.

try bleeding it, not getting past MIN mark

probably you simply have an air pocket, which will get out on its own

when you pour fresh fluid in, try not to flood the top portion with mesh again

Taking a stab in case it helps you.
You might have added fluid too quickly and surface tension ‘sealed’ the holes in the mesh to block air from coming out, so fluid can’t get in.
A combination of removing fluid and a toothpick to ‘unseal’ the holes might help.

Another way is to remove fluid and maybe apply heat (maybe gradually with a hair dryer aimed at the mesh) to reduce surface tension and open things up.

Tap the side of the reservoir with a screwdriver or something to remove air pocket.That works with my eye drops

The filter basket should come out easily. I just stick two fingers down into the basket, spread them apart gently and lift the basket. If you put too much pressure on the sides of the basket, it deforms and jams against the side of the reservoir. You have to go easy on it.

Give it a little twist if it doesn’t come out easily.

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I read on other forums where they had to pull like mad.

@keith is right; that filter/mesh comes out. Usually has a notch, so put your fingers inside (clean fingers!) and try to rotate and lift until you have aligned the notches and it would come out.

I have 3 Hyundai’s :grinning:

Also, if you add fluid on top of that mesh, it would slowly work its way down.

Ok I’ll give it a try later when I fuel. I did try earlier but did not rotate it really.

Hmm I just tried no success. The thing does spin freely though.

Should I just put pliers and pull it out?

No, I would try pliers, you are risking breaking a part that would start floating in your fluid for major headache.

I will check mine again tomorrow. I am sure I was able to suck the fluid out. The only other way I might have done it is using a small IV tube with my syringe.

If it spins freely but doesn’t come out, then I’d suspect that it has tabs and slots. Looking at the top ring, do you see any slots or tabs? Turn the basket and see if the basket has the corresponding slots or tabs and if so, line them up. Then the basket filter should slip out easily.

I checked two of my Hyundai’s and none have the screen. It was my now gone Camry that had the screen that would come off if you wiggled it to the proper position.

It’s ok.

Mom offered to pay for the brake service and replacement somewhat so I’m going to do that. Dad’s garage s a bit cramped right now to.

Apparently your mom did not want you to mess up and crash the vehicle she gave you.

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She gave me the choice pay for parts and do it myself or pay at a shop.

Good idea to take it in to a pro, at least the first time. Ask them if they’ll show you how to remove that screen, assuming it can be removed. For problems like that in general, at most dealership repair shops, the staff will be happy to tell you how it is done if they aren’t overly busy. Don’t expect them to do it for you though, or show you how it is done using your own car for the demo. Years ago I’d often take a neighborhood walk on a route past a big chain store auto repair place, and the staff would often be outside taking a smoke or drinking coffee on a break, and they’d always be happy to chat w/me about my car repair diy’er problems.

Were I presented with the stuck screen problem myself – a problem I’ve never encountered – and I thought it would just pop out with the right technique, I’d try to come up with a scheme where I hooked wires or small hooks or similar into it at each side of a corner, then I could pry upwards on the wires/hooks etc using a screwdriver as a lever to pop the corner out. If it worked I’d sing high praise again to my favorite scientist, Archimedes … :slight_smile:

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