Blue windshield fluid accidentally put into brake resevoir. Car has not been on yet. Used gotten cloth to suck it out of top if reservoir until no blue showed. 1 to 2 oz of fluid may have been poured on top

Accidentally put blue washer fluid in Brake reservoir. Car has not run since. Sucked out with cotten shirt amount put in. Fluid is Brown now in reservoir top.

If you have not steooed on the brake pedal yet, take all the fluid out you can with a new turkey baster from the dollar store. If you have stepped on the pedal, go get your brake fluid flushed. Or if you are cheap like me bleed all 4 wheels youself one at a time with a quart of fluid and a one man bleeder, making sure you keep fluid in the master cylinder. After the fluid runs clear from the bleeder do it some more to make sure.

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If the brake fluid is brown, you need a flush anyway. Get it done now. Don’t wait.

Brake fluid should be flushed at least every 5 years and better every 3. You didn’t know that? Most people don’t.


+1 to @Mustangman solution

make sure to use the compatible type of brake fluid, check your glove box for manual, it will be listed there, most cars also have the type of fluid written on the reservoir cap

Before any flushing, get every drop you can out of the reservoir. Windshield washer fluid mixes completely with brake fluid (it’s not like oil and water), so even if the rag isn’t blue any more, there’s some windshield washer fluid in it, and that means there’s some water, which is a big problem.

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Thank you so very much!

I think you will be fine, but I have to ask. Where is the brake fluid going that would cause it to be that low?

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If Bambi F. doesn’t know, maybe the brake pads are worn down. Hopefully, they will be checked for wear when the brakes are bled.

Brake fluid wasn’t low at all. Just put in wrong reservoir. I found washer reservoir and it was totally empty. Filled it up and saw no fluid leaking under it.

If you see a plastic screen at the bottom of the brake reservoir, see if you can get it out and, again, remove as fiuid as you can.