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Issue Starting and Running on First Attempt

I have a 1989 Camaro 5.7L. I was having idle and starting issues. I took it to a mechanic and he told me I need to replace the fuel injectors. So I did, this fixed the idle issue, but the starting issue still exists. About once every other week the car will start up, the engine will rev up, and then die. It may happen twice in a row, but usually only one. On the second or third try it usually starts up and runs fine for another couple weeks. Any Ideas??

Has anyone tested the fuel pressure?

Try this: Turn the key to “ON,” wait five seconds (count slowly) then turn the key to “START.” See if this helps the slow starting problem.

If the fuel system is leaking pressure overnight, or after sitting for a long time, the extra few seconds gives the fuel pump time to pressurize the system.

thanks I will give that a try. I do believe that they mechanic who replaced the fuel injectors did check the fuel pressure and did not report any problems. It has happened twice where the car would not start up for about 15-30 mins, this was after a long trip and the engine was still hot.