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Is transaxle mount same as transmission mount?

Kia amanti 2004. So I need engine mounts in my car (creaking noise). I got an estimate and was told there are 3 engine mounts- 2 engine mounts and 1 transaxle mount. And was told it’s best to change all 3. He said the transaxle mount is the most expensive and HE couldn’t even find anything online for it and said Id probably need one from the dealership. Also says the transaxle mount is filled with oil compared to the other engine mounts?

The thing is I don’t see anything online for a transaxle mount. I’ve never heard of It and NOTHING comes up online

So I guess my question is is he confusing a transaxle mount for a transmission mount? Even if that’s the case, it’s not the transmission rocking it’s the engine so I’m really confused.

I wish I just had a diagram showing me all the mounts and the names for them lol.

What size engine?

Trans axle/transmission are the same thing.

Here’s what you’re looking for.,2004,amanti,3.5l+v6,1440626,transmission-automatic,transmission+mount,8616


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I have no idea friend I thought it was 3.5L?

Wow thanks! I only see a “left” tranny mount. Does that mean there’s only one type of tranny mount? How do I know if I need a left or right when I need it for the engine mounts?

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Always is too big a word, but in my experience there are often 3 mounts for an engine and transmission. Someone will undoubtedly come up with a 53 Kaiser Manhattan that used 6 motor/transmission mounts, but 3 is pretty common.

Stop buy a dealer parts counter and ask them about the mounts and prices . They might have access that most mechanics might not.