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Cv axles/ engine mounts

I’ve replaced the transaxles on my '94 Subaru Justy DL 3 times in about 25K miles! Could poor, but not horrible engine mounts be the case? Are mounts supposed to hold the engine like a rock, so to speak? How hard are they to replace? It seems if I had a way to hold the engine in place, I could swap them out fairly easily. Thanks for any help. Dean

I doubt that the engine mounts could cause this problem unless one is completely broken. Have you examined an axle after removing it to study the nature of the failure?

I would suspect that something is bent that causes the axle to get compressed or stretched too much at some point in the wheel travel.

Engine mounts contain rubber parts that allow some (very limited) movement of the engine. The engine is not bolted directly to the car “like a rock.”

I suggest you get hold of a service manual for your Justy. It will help if you decide to replace the mounts, and it might offer some insight into the drive axle problem.

A terminology issue, a transaxel is a combination transmission and differential, the parts you are replacing are commonly refered to as half-shafts.

I looked at this post and thought “three transmissions,whats going on”?

What is the failure with your half-shafts? always the same?